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Why Doggy Daycare?

Working hours can be taxing on pets. They need TLC throughout the day, and when no one is there to give it to them, they act out. You can prevent this from happening by enrolling your dog in Scout's Pet Care of Baton Rouge's Doggy Daycare.

When your pet is in Doggy Daycare, he will get unlimited play time, as well as lots of socialization. He will get to meet other pets and learn how to interact.  Most of all, he will have fun.  From running outdoors in the fenced in yard to taking naps inside, he will love the time he spends at Doggy Daycare.

Scout’s Pet Care:  The Place to go for Doggy Daycare in Baton Rouge

When you choose Doggy Daycare, your pet will receive:

  • One on one playtime
  • Playtime with other animals
  • Unlimited use of the toys available onsite
  • Playtime with his favorite toys
  • Naptime

Don’t let your dog miss out on this fun opportunity. Your dog deserves to be entertained while you are at work. Contact Scout’s Pet Care today so your furry friend can start Doggy Daycare.


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